Flexible Turnkey Solutions 
Flexible development structure aimed to jump-in/out anywhere in the design cycle to provide specific solutions or services.
Services include: Simulation & Model, CAD, Assembly support & Test


Custom 3-D Packaging Solutions
System on chip (SoC), System-in-Package (SiP)- Improves performance by reducing interfaces and leads to the lowest cost and improves quality by being 100% hermetic and RAD hard.

Design Custom Solutions
Develop Circuit Card Assemblies, sub-system and system solutions using our proprietary methods for wireless solutions.

nMode's Philosophy

Our motivation comes from recognizing the gap that exists between experimental science and current system solutions. At nMode, we serve as the bridge, by focusing in the following areas:
  • Utilizes the latest technologies, including our glass technology and fabrication facility (See Triton Microtechnologies Inc.)
  • Maximizes volume density
  • Designs are high-volume-manufacturing-ready
  • Low cost metallizations & key product characteristics
  • Focus on path to scalability without giving up performance
  • Practice re-use and commonality at lowest level of design
  • Simulation based designs from Front-End of the business to production
  • Achieve best performance over the life of the product

Fundamentally, we believe that this will change the way we develop hardware. nMode Solutions

Plug 'n' Play & Smart
"Ease of integration to a higher system & able to self-test for added-value diagnostics"
Sergio Cardona

Modular & Scalable using 3D RF
"Leads to evolutionary cost savings and size reduction over the life of the product."

Sergio Cardona

Integration Technology
"Allows for the smallest size... 
Solves thermal concerns and allows for constant improvements"

Tim Mobley

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